October 11, 2017

Hello, October: PSL & Major Exploration

Ah, October… we've been waiting for you! Now that September's back-to-school excitement has dissipated and you've settled into the semester, we turn to thinking about your Rutgers future and your possible majors. We're going to break up the stress of midterms and help you look further down the road. 

Advisers are here to chat with you about the reason(s) you're in college (no, it's not to pull all-nighters because you have two midterms on Monday): developing purpose and a plan for your major and future career.

Our month of major exploration will culminate in the SAS Major and Minor Fair on Wednesday, October 25. Until then, we're bringing you information about various majors, alumni profiles, and all the best advice we can find to help you ponder your Major decisions. Look for #mymajor across all of our social media platforms!

So, sit back, sip your PSL, get some sleep, and ponder your possibilities.

To get us started, we're throwing back to some Alumni Voices: "Medicine is not the one way to help people"  and "It Just Didn't Fit Anymore". Enjoy!