November 14, 2016

#RUReady4Reg - Your Registration Resource Center

As you prepare for registration this week, we want you to feel empowered and well-informed for your registration! In this spirit, here are some posts to answer questions or concerns that you may have about the registration process.

Can't get a one-on-one advising appointment before registration? Here are some ideas about what to consider, and why to book that post-registration advising appointment anyway!

Degree Navigator

Think you know how to get the most out of Degree Navigator? Think again! Learn how to effectively use this degree audit tool here:

 Course Schedule Planner
And lastly, think the Course Schedule Planner does all the work for you? Sorta kinda.

This amazing schedule creator helps to take the guesswork out of class timing, but lacks the information about YOU to create fool-proof options.
Make sure you've done your CSP homework (and avoid tears on reg night) by reading our full tutorial:

Remember that team SAS Frosh and our colleagues are here to support you as you register for the first time. We are available for quick questions via Live Chat from 10-11pm on the evening that you register!

#RUReady4Reg? Yeah you are!