January 30, 2015

A Handy Dandy Checklist for the End of Add/Drop

1. Are you full-time, with at least 12 credits?

2. Is your schedule well-rounded? Are you taking a variety of classes to fill different goals – major, minor, Core classes, exploration?

Keep in mind that you have 4-5 semesters to consider and choose your major and minor, but all 8 semesters to complete the SAS Core. Your registration should reflect this by including more courses toward exploring interests than fulfilling Core courses.

3. Is there at least one class that you’re incredibly excited to take?

4. Is there at least one class (but no more than two) that feels like it will be very challenging?

Good for you! Put together an action plan for success now. An action plan may include bi-weekly office hours, putting together a peer discussion and study group, or seeking proactive tutoring.

5. Have you checked your final exam schedule to review any finals conflicts?

6. Have you read all syllabi and noted due dates on your calendar?

Do this NOW! Midterms will come more quickly than you realize, and repeatedly, so guard against conflicts and surprises. 

7. Have you marked the withdrawal-to-12-credits deadline date (Monday, March 23) on your calendar just in case?

Click here for a reminder about when withdrawing from a course is a good idea.

8. Have you checked Degree Navigator to confirm that your classes are fulfilling the requirements that you expect?

9. Have you called to make a general advising appointment (848-932-8888) to discuss your academic progress at a time when you’re not too busy?

It is especially useful to have an appointment after you have some graded assignments and exams back (typically mid- to late-February). This will help to guide the advising conversation more specifically about your progress and connect you to possible resources.

If you answered "NO" to any of the above questions, do it! Right now! Don’t be this guy:

Lay the groundwork now for a productive and successful spring semester!