December 1, 2014

10 Days & Counting to Finals: The Top 10 Things to Do Now!

Welcome back from Thanksgiving Break! We trust you ate your fill and have arrived back on campus, feeling well-rested and ready for the FINAL TEN CLASS DAYS OF THE SEMESTER. 

What’s that, you say? Ten days? Why, yes, here we are on December 1, exactly 10 days from the last day of classes for the Fall 2014 semester, Wednesday, Dec. 10. 

To stem your rising panic, Dean Frosh is here to offer the Top 10 Things you should be doing NOW to help you prepare for the end of the semester:

1. Log in to immediately to review your final exam schedule, look for conflicts, and note them on your calendar in BOLD or Sharpie marker. If you discover an exam conflict or three exams on one calendar day, immediately contact your professors to request a makeup exam; be prepared to share a copy of your exam schedule.

2. Sit down to a calendar of the next three weeks and map out a study schedule. Here’s a Finals Prep packet that Dean Frosh loves. Include all of your commitments. Carve out times to eat and sleep since you’ll get nowhere fast if you’re running on empty. Exams are a marathon, not a sprint. 

3. Stock up on healthy snacks OR drop an obvious hint to the people at home that LOTS of healthy snacks will help you get through finals.

4. Discover which of your classes offer Review Sessions. Check your syllabus or talk with TAs or Professors to see if a Review Session is planned, put it on your calendar (see #2), and BE THERE!

5. Take a deep breath and look at your current grades. Really, look at them. Review the professor’s grading criteria. Be realistic and consider what effort you need to make in each class to get the outcome you want. What grade do you need? A D may satisfy college requirements, but you may need a C or better for major/minor. Review the SAS academic standards for Dean’s List, Warning and Probation.  

6. Pencil in Midnight Breakfast, Sunday, December 14! Don’t pull an all-nighter the night before exams begin, but some good food and company studying can motivate you.

7. Exercise. It’s getting colder out, but looming finals make it even more important to get out and get moving for stress relief. There’s still time to register for the Big Chill 5K this weekend for exercise and a good cause!

8. Tweak your study skills at the Rutgers Learning Center program, SimplifyingExams on Wed., Dec. 3, and check out the drop-in Academic Coaching dates. Add them to your calendar (see #2).

9. Take advantage of Cyber Monday sales to shop for Rutgers Swag for the people at home, especially if you anticipate difficult conversations over Winter Break about your grades or academic plans. 

10. Relax and breathe. Try a little Mindfulness Meditation, offered each day from 12-1 at various Rutgers locations through December; see the Rutgers Calendar of Events for daily details.