November 5, 2014

You Think You Know….But You Have No Idea: How to EFFECTIVELY use Degree Navigator

Degree Navigator, or “DN” as we affectionately call it, does awesome things. Its purpose is to help track your progress in completing degree requirements and majors/minors (even before you declare them!). However, like any tool, it works best when used for certain tasks and it takes some practice to use it like a pro. Just like studying and weird first dates, the key to using DN is to know what to focus on and when to move on.

If you haven’t already, introduce yourself to DN through the MyRutgers Academics tab, or directly at

The home screen features a side panel with key information about you.

When you view the SAS Core Curriculum, you’ll see a green dot next to courses you’re currently taking that satisfy learning goals and a check mark next to Core requirements already completed with   AP scores or previous courses. When spring begins, your fall courses will earn their check mark and your spring courses will be listed with the green dot!

Once you’ve taken note of which learning goals you still need, move to

As you dive into the list of courses that fulfill SAS Core Learning Goals, review three important things:

Being aware of these natural overlaps can help you with your long-term planning.

But wait, you think, every SAS adviser EVER has told me not to obsess over the Core and to start taking courses that explore or confirm my major/minor interests. Shouldn’t I focus on that?
Each program includes a full list of requirements, beginning with introductory courses that will help you weigh your interests. The list can look long and arduous, but remember that you have plenty of time to complete requirements. Review the full list to see the big picture view of the program requirements.  

For ideas about your academic options, you can find a full listing of SAS Majors and Minors, with links to the department websites, at

DN is a tool, not an adviser. It does not substitute for advising and cannot tell you which courses to take and when is the best time to take them.
DN does not indicate which courses are offered which semester. More on this in our next post and our continuing effort to help you plan for preregistration! #RUprepared