March 19, 2012

The View From the Middle


Today is the first day back from Spring Break.  This marks the 10th week of classes, meaning there are still 6 weeks left to go!  Getting back into your classes after Spring Break is always tough.  Many of you are coming back to campus after a relaxing week at home, others found themselves beachside, and for all of us the warm weather leads to daydreams about the upcoming summer, whether that includes an internship/job, classes, or just a GTL-and-repeat routine.  

But now is the time to get refocused for a strong finish to your first year. So we hope you are feeling recharged and energized for the rest of the semester and that you are ready to buckle down and work hard in these last 6 weeks!  

Here are some tips for you to finish out this semester at the top of your game:

1.       Need to Withdraw?  Today (March 19) is the last day to withdraw from a course (as long as you still have 12 credits after the drop).  Is there a course that you are likely to fail and is draining all of your time from your other courses?  If so, save those other grades by withdrawing from the “problem course.”  Have questions about how to do this or what a “W” means?  Stop by any SAS Advising office ( to speak with the Reference Dean!

2.       Current Grades: It’s time to sit down and look at your current grades.  Look at the syllabus and see how your points are adding up.  Ask yourself:
-          Are you where you want to be?
-          What will you need to do to finish the semester strong?
 If you are looking to pull up low grades, or are having difficulty determining where you stand in a course, it’s time to visit your Professor at his/her office hours. Also take advantage of those campus resources that you’ve heard about but haven’t made the time to go to: see the Learning Resource Center site ( for information about individual/group tutoring as well as Academic Coaching.
3.       Fall 2012 Registration: The Schedule of Classes will be available April 2 and registration will begin on April 15. Check the schedule to determine what day you can begin registration: Remember that the Webreg system is based on earned credits, so that does not include classes you are currently taking.

4.       FINALS!  Finally, we must acknowledge that finals are just around the corner. Log in to to review your finals schedule. Look for any time conflicts in your schedule. Exams at the same time or three exams in one calendar day need to be changed, and the sooner you speak with your professor about a conflict, the easier it will be to arrange to change an exam.

You are very close to those endless days of summer but with 6 weeks still to go, it’s important to focus and keep working hard.   Getting those grades you’ve worked so hard for will only make that beachside lemonade all the more sweet!