December 12, 2012

The Final(s) Countdown...

Just in time for Thursday’s Reading Day, Dean Frosh tweeted the grad students in the College Student Affairs program asking for their best tips for finals. Take a short break in your finals prep and heed their excellent advice:

@raylefko Take study breaks to recharge and clear your head. Those 15 mins can make all the difference!

@abbyrstern Find a study buddy with same priorities and a similar schedule. Also, break down assignments into smaller pieces. Be positive!

@MikeatRU  Use technology to your benefit! Use block Facebook for a set amount of time.

@sillybanina Take breaks and schedule time for fun and relaxation in between lengthy study sessions. :)

@CLKuski Pick 4 people in class & meet as a study group--you're blocking out study time & you can answer each others' questions

@NicoPontico  My finals tip= Do your own preparation before studying with a group. Your time will be more productive!

@SASadvising Yes! And you can make a list of topics or concepts you're still not clear on to ask the group!

@raylefko Agreed! Study groups are great reinforcement, not a substitute for your own learning.

@raylefko Think positive thoughts. If you assume you won't do well what's the point of studying anyway?

@MikeatRU Reward yourself for accomplishing goals (both big goal and small goals).

Thanks to Rachel Jimenez, Nina Duong, Nicole Ponticorvo, Charles Kuski, Abby Stern, and Mike McCormack for tweeting your wisdom!