November 18, 2012

You Never Forget Your First Time: Advice for your first time registering

Photo courtesy of Flikr user splineapple
Spring registration is here, and Dean Frosh has words of wisdom and registration tips to help our new first year students.

The most common (printable) word used to describe your first encounter with webreg is FRUSTRATING. Most first year students register on Nov. 19 and 20. Experience tells us that Webreg will struggle under the weight of that many students. Be patient.

Remember that registration is a process. That means the first day that you can register is the FIRST day, but not the LAST day you will register. You'll have access to webreg from that
first day through winter break. Remember, too, the add/drop week at the beginning of spring semester to finalize your schedule.

A few quick points to help:
Prepare well. Carefully review the Schedule of Classes to see how to make the best use of online resources like Degree Navigator, the Course Schedule Planner and Webreg.

Before or after you register, come for advising. If you can't see an adviser before your first day to register, come for advising after - get an adviser's opinion on your plans and advice on getting into classes or making changes.
Advising appointments are available through finals and even into Winter break!
Dean Matt Winkler advising an SAS student

The Schedule of Classes is not live, so it may show a course as Open when the seat has been filled because it has not yet updated.
Once you've clicked the button to "Add Courses," wait patiently for the system to respond. Continued clicking of the button will anger the registration gods and will likely result in your being logged out.
For most courses and prerequisites, webreg is accurate. If webreg tells you that you do not have the prereq, check the class listing again. If you're still unclear, call or stop by your local SAS advising office. If it’s between 10-11 p.m. on your registration night and you’re having a problem, check out the Academic Services homepage, deans may be on the new LiveChat feature and may be able to help!
There are 14 learning goals to complete in the SAS Core. If you can't get into a course you planned to fulfill one (or multiple) goal(s), look for other Core areas. Or do something really crazy, like take a course just because you're interested in the topic. Not every course has to be a Core, major, or minor course! Don't forget about elective credits. And don't worry, Public Speaking is offered every semester and will be a great option eventually.
Remember also to check out the Byrne Seminar listings; spring semester is your LAST chance to take a Byrne, so don't miss the opportunity.
And, again, if all else fails, plan to stop in to one of the SAS Advising Offices between 8:30 a.m. and 5 p.m. for help!