October 5, 2012

Down & Dirty Advice from the Deans

In the mudder that is your college career, you are going to encounter tons of obstacles and opportunities. In the semester-long lap, we are now at the four-week mark, and you should be shifting from “just beginning” to “picking up the pace” as exams and papers are coming due.

So, for this week’s Fill in the Blank Friday, we decided to wipe the proverbial mud from our eyes and look ahead by looking back. We asked the SAS Advising Deans to fill in the blank:
“Looking back, I wish I had ________ when I was in college.”

…taken more Art and Music classes - Dean Van Riper
…taken advantage of internships - Dean Arroyo
…gotten more involved in student organizations - Dean Kieval Brill
…studied more, partied more, worried less - Dean Patterson
…mastered a foreign language! - Dean Diamond
…taken more courses outside my major - Dean Spear
…learned something about Art History - Dean Traxler

passed calculus the first time! - Dean Bruning

…spent more time getting to know my professors - Dean Delauro

And the Number 1 answer, given by nine of the SAS advising deans:
Remember, it’s a long race and you don’t want to miss anything. Take time to consider your opportunities and obstacles, and plan to take advantage of all that Rutgers has to offer!

(Thanks to Minna & Kenny, proud Scarlet Knights, for use of their pics!)