April 10, 2012

When Roads Diverge...

You, like many students, may be experiencing moments of doubt about whether your college is the right “fit” for you.  These moments of confusion may be a result of different causes: social, financial, familial, emotional, academic, etc., but they all represent opportunities to clarify your reasons for being here. While most students will emerge from this time with a recommitment to Rutgers and their college education, some do not – and that’s OK!  We want all students to succeed by their own measure of success; if that means taking a break or reaching your goals elsewhere, we want to help you make that process as seamless as possible. 

First, think about why you are considering leaving. Are you moving closer to home? Pursuing other vocational/academic plans? Or just looking for a better “fit” overall?  It is important for you to consider all your reasons to ensure you’re making the best choice for you. It can be helpful to discuss your options with an academic adviser, so consider scheduling an appointment (http://sasundergrad.rutgers.edu/academics/advising/see-an-sas-dean-general-advising).  

If your decision is to take a Leave of Absence from Rutgers, you need to let us know:

Complete the Leave of Absence/Withdrawal Form on our website at sasundergrad.rutgers.edu.  Indicate whether you are taking a leave of absence or withdrawing from the university:
                        Looking to transfer to another school = Withdrawal

Looking to withdraw from Rutgers for an indefinite amount of time (i.e., “I’m not sure what I will do but for now, I need a break”) = Leave of Absence

Looking to take a leave for a specific amount of time and then return = Leave of Absence (with return date indicated)

Take that form to one of the SAS Advising offices, and a dean will check it over, answer your questions, and wish you the best of luck in your endeavors! From there, you’ll need to contact all offices that may be affected by your withdrawal (for example, if you have a meal plan, you’ll need to cancel it at Dining Services).  *The offices are listed on the form as a checklist to guide you. 

If you are taking a Leave of Absence but plan to take courses at your local community college, we can show you how to do get courses preapproved to ensure that those credits transfer back to Rutgers.

If you plan to transfer to another school within Rutgers University, follow the School-to-School Transfer process:

With over 90 majors and nearly 100 minors at the School of Arts and Sciences, we do offer a lot, but certainly not everything!  For majors offered by the following schools, you would be required to transfer:
SEBS (unless it’s a second major to an SAS major)
Mason Gross School of the Arts (you can pursue any of these majors as an SAS student for the BA degree, but must transfer to complete the BFA program)

For admissions criteria, requirements, and deadlines for the School-to-School transfer, visit: http://admissions.rutgers.edu/schooltoschool/.  If you have any questions specific to the school that you are transferring, you’ll want to contact the school.

FYI: All majors in the Schools of Social Work, Management and Labor Relations, Communication, and Public Policy, do NOT require that you switch schools. You will only need to declare the major (or apply to the major, in some cases).  For example, you can stay an SAS major and major in Journalism and Media Studies, even though it’s offered by the School of Communication and Information.

 We know that this can be confusing; it’s a great topic to clarify in an advising appointment!