December 5, 2011

Your Academic Lifeline

We usually try to keep the FroshBlog light and fun, but we’re at a critical time of semester now as you work on wrapping up and preparing for finals - serious times call for serious blog posts!

Around this time of year, you'll hear a collection of Rutgers urban legends about failing courses, repeating courses, academic warning and probation.  Remember that while fellow students are a wonderful resource, they are not the authority on academic matters!
If you’re facing any of these issues, you need accurate information to help you make decisions. Advisers are your Academic Lifeline - talk to them about questions about failing or repeating classes, grade calculation, choosing good classes for the spring semester, academic warning restrictions, or any other academic issues.  Plan to either call and schedule an advising appointment or stop in to one of the SAS Advising Offices (

Also, be sure to check your final exam schedule at to verify your exam times and check that you do not have any time conflicts. If you have two exams at the same time or three exams in the same calendar day, you are eligible to have one rescheduled – but that has to be done soon!