October 24, 2011

Who is Dean Frosh?

Dear Abby Dean Frosh,

At least once a year, we get a request to speak to “Dean Frosh”.  This, of course, is a misunderstanding of what our general email inbox (frosh@sas.rutgers.edu) represents.
In fact, “Frosh” is slang for first year student, and there is not one, but FOUR staff members who rotate through the inbox and respond to messages.

Many of you likely had email threads with Frosh regarding APA days, AP scores, and fall schedules throughout the summer.  Get to know the “Dean Frosh” that you were corresponding with ….

Dean Julie Traxler
Favorite fictional dean: Dean Pelton on Community
Favorite first year student question: “If classes begin on Tuesday, do I go to my Monday classes or my Tuesday classes?”
Recent accomplishment: Crossing Busch campus (almost) without having to go outside!
Current favorite font: Ravie
Advice for first year students: See an academic adviser EVEN IF you don’t know what questions to ask; we know what questions to ask you to help you consider your academic interests.

Dean Courtney Stanzione
Favorite fictional dean: Dean Lewis in Accepted 
Favorite undergraduate class:  Harvest of the Middle Ages with Professor James Masschaele
Favorite spot on campus:  Ravine Bridge in the Fall (Douglass Campus)
Current favorite font: Broadway
Advice for first year students:  Everyone that you encounter can teach you something about yourself, or the world as you know it; listen for those lessons - but beware the know-it-all!

Dean Iris Zipkin
 Favorite fictional college professor: Señor Chang from Community
Famous college movie she’s never seen: Animal House
Favorite spot on campus:  The steps of Scott Hall - that’s where I fell in love with my husband!
Current favorite font: Chiller (in honor of Halloween)
Advice for first year students:  Study what interests you most; enjoy the ride & you’ll figure out the next steps!

Sara Spear, Graduate Intern

Favorite fictional dean: (Headmaster) Albus Dumbledore from Harry Potter
Favorite Rutgers event attended:  Reel Big Fish concert, fall 2010
Current favorite font: Apple Chancery  (evidencing a slight Mac elitism)
Advice for first year students:  Explore!  You will have few chances after this time to take courses just because they sound interesting.  Animal Handling, Photojournalism, or Mass Media and Pop Culture??  Sign me up!